Why Joining the Right Gym Can Save You Money

It’s obvious that low-cost gyms and health clubs save you money compared to their pricier counterparts, but not everyone realizes joining a gym can actually save you money versus exercising at home. If fact, when you look at both startup costs and long-term savings, it becomes clear that a membership to a low-cost gym or health club is the best way to stay in shape without spending a fortune. If you are looking for a way to maximize your health with minimal impact on your wallet, a low-cost, high-value gym may be right for you!

Low Startup Costsfitness equipment

Setting up a home gym requires two things, equipment and space, both of which cost money. Most people use all of the rooms in their home, so it can be tough to find space to setup, utilize, and store equipment. A treadmill alone can easily cost upwards of $1000-$4000. At minimum, the costs associated with that one piece of equipment equal roughly 5 years of membership at WOW! New England. Even if you decide to start small with a few dumbbells ($15-$20 each), a jump rope ($10 or so), and some resistance bands ($20+ each), you will quickly approach the cost of a full year of fitness at WOW! New England, with barely any of the same benefits. If you are just starting out, you may not know how committed you’ll stay to your first workout plan. Why pigeonhole yourself before you even know what works for you?

No Maintenance Costs

If you’ve ever had a car or owned a home, you know maintenance costs can add up very quickly. The same is true for health and fitness equipment. Consider that $1500 treadmill discussed above: Cleaning and maintaining all of the moving parts is just the beginning. You may also need to stay on top of software updates, and keep the area underneath the treadmill clean to avoid damaging your home. Speaking of which, are your floors sturdy enough to handle a person running on a machine that weighs hundreds of pounds? If not, you may be opening up a big can of worms in terms of maintaining your home.

Freedom to Try Something New

Group classes are another area in which you can save a ton by joining a health club. Switching up your exercise routine to try new and different activities can help you to reach new muscle groups and make sure your whole body is being constantly challenged. Plus, they are FUN! You can’t get the energy of a Group X class from a DVD at home. You probably already know that fitness classes are notoriously expensive. A yoga class, for example, will typically run you around $20 per class. At WOW! New England, yoga classes are just part of your monthly package. Even if you only went to yoga 4 times a month, taking a Group X class would save you $30 minimum compared to taking outside classes. Given that WOW! New England offers dozens of different Group X options, everyone can find something they love. In fact, each location offers 40+ classes each week!

Commit to Your Health, Not a Contract

If you’re thinking about getting in shape and want to make the best possible long-term financial decision, absolutely consider a low-cost gym or health club like WOW! New England. You’ll have everything you need to get started, and plenty of support to keep going, all at a cost that’s easy to manage. When you consider that WOW! memberships start at $10 per month with no commitment (read: no cancellation fees), it is easy to commit to yourself, and your health, without breaking the bank.

WOW! New England is more than a gym, it’s a health club focused on supporting members as they work to improve their health. Are you ready to commit to yourself and your health? Join today.


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