How to Choose a Low Cost Gym and Keep Valuable Perks

Gym memberships aren’t cheap, but some gyms certainly are! The difference between a “cheap” gym and a low cost gym lies in the value and perks the gym offers its members. Most customers don’t put a lot of research into choosing a gym membership, which often leads to disappointment (not to mention a dangerous situation for your wallet). Use these tips to make sure you get the most for your money.

Fitness is personal, so know your needs

Do you spend your entire workout tuned in to your headphones and tuned out of the room? Or do you need a room full of people to pump you up? Where will the kids be while you’re whooping it up in Zumba? Knowing HOW you like to workout will ensure your gym has the amenities and perks that you need.

  • Are you a treadmill trailblazer? Are you at your most engaged on the elliptical? Make sure your gym has plenty of machines so you don’t need to wait during peak hours.
  • Are you a weight room warrior? You’ll be appalled to learn some “cheap” gyms don’t even have a squat rack! Others have alarms they sound when someone picks up anything heavier than a dumbbell. If strength training is your thing, check the weight room for the equipment you need to complete your workout.
  • Do you feed off the energy in a classroom environment? Watch out for “cheap” gyms that don’t offer group classes. Find a gym with dozens of options so you can find something you like. Look at the schedules and confirm classes are held when you can be there, too.
  • Need a place for your kids to hang out while you have a little “me time?” You’ll be hard pressed to find a “cheap” gym with childcare options, but some value-priced (aka low cost) gyms do!
  • Looking to recharge post-workout? Don’t settle for sitting on a weight bench, or leaning against a wall. Find a gym with a steam room, a hot tub, or other venue that promotes relaxation.

Commit to yourself, not a contract

If you’re thinking about getting in shape and want to make the best possible long-term financial decision, absolutely consider a low-cost gym or health club like WOW! New England. You’ll have everything you need to get started, and plenty of support to keep going, all at a cost that’s easy to manage. When you consider that WOW! memberships start at $10 per month with no commitment (read: no cancellation fees), it is easy to commit to yourself, and your health, without breaking the bank.

WOW! New England is more than a gym, it’s a health club focused on supporting members as they work to improve their health. Are you ready to commit to yourself and your health? Join today.


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