Healthy Red, White & Blue Recipes for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is the perfect day for outdoor parties and barbecues…but you can still make healthy food choices! Whether you’re hosting a get-together or going to a friend’s house, here are some deliciously healthy and festive recipes that everyone is sure to love. And if you have time, squeeze in a cardio session or GroupX class in the morning before heading to the cookout.

Blueberry Caprese Salad

Instead of snacking on empty calories, like potato chips and pretzels, reach for a scoop of this patriotic salad. You’ll get a boost of protein from the mozzarella, and fiber in the fruit will help satisfy your hunter. And if you need a dish to bring to a friend’s cookout, this one comes together in 15 minutes! Get the recipe here.

blueberry caprese salad mozzarella healthy

Patriotic Popcorn

Still craving something crunchy? Reach for a handful of this homemade popcorn, tossed with dried blueberries and cranberries, for a tasty sweet-and-salty snack. Get the recipe here.

red white blue popcorn health holiday snack

American Flag Vegetable Tray

Berries and watermelon are healthy no-brainers for festive food, but one blogger used vegetables to create a super healthy (and cute!) snack tray for Independence Day. Use red veggies, like grape tomatoes, bell peppers, and radishes, and white ones, like cauliflower and peeled cucumber, to create a striped flag. Add blue food coloring to your favorite yogurt-based dip for a festive feast. Get the recipe here.

red white blue veggie tray snack healthy

Fourth of July Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a backyard party staple, and this recipe from Vegan Heaven mixes star-shaped pieces of melon and apples with red and blue berries for a totally festive take. This recipe also adds coconut flakes for a little extra flavor! Get the recipe here.

fruit salad patriotic holiday healthy

Mini Shortcake Cups

Keep your sweet tooth satisfied and your diet in check by choosing a pre-portioned treat. This recipe from Amanda’s Cookin’ uses store-bought angel food cake topped with lots of fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream for an adorable dessert. Swap the whipped cream with Greek yogurt for a less fattening version! Get the recipe here.

strawberry shortcake berries fruit dessert

Flag Fruit Tart

Need something paleo or vegan? 40 Aprons has you covered. This dessert has a shortbread crust, almond filling, and coconut cream topping. Don’t forget to decorate it with plenty of berries for a red, white, and blue finish! Get the recipe here.

american flag tart vegan paleo


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