Meet Me At The Barre!

Hey, Norwood! There’s a New “Barre” in Town!

We are pleased to announce that WOW! Norwood will be the first of our clubs to launch WOW! Body Barre! This exciting new class combines cardio, toning, abs, and flexibility all in one workout! Click Here to view Norwood’s Group-X schedule for class dates and times. Our other clubs will be adding Body Barre to their schedules, so keep checking back for updates!

Spotlight on Pi-Yo Strength

If you’re looking for a workout that will sculpt, tone, and burn calories, you should consider Pi-Yo Strength. Pi-Yo Strength combines Pilates and yoga at high speeds. While most Pilates and yoga classes focus on long and concentrated poses, Pi-Yo Strength breaks the mold by speeding up these poses so you’re in constant movement. The Pilates moves tone your muscles and strengthen your core, while the yoga poses increase your flexibility, and the fast speeds of these movements lead to increased fat-burning levels. Although it’s high intensity, Pi-Yo Strength is a great fitness option for people of all ages and body types. It offers a low-impact workout solution for those who are tired of suffering from the aches and injuries that many high-impact workouts cause.